Get more involved in your own health care.

We often rely on others in health issues. But we can do ourselves so much more than we think. Our own body is the most powerfull instrument in healing we have. So, why wouldn't you seek to mobilize that healing power yourself ? Yes, it takes training, but it also gets you much more involved in your own health care. That's what I call empowerment.

A treatment is giving you a kick-start in healing, a training is empowering you to take control yourself! 

I use Ondamed and Access Consciousness tools for treatments, as both, each in their own way, are very effective in stimulating the self healing capacity of the body. The good news is that you too can learn how to use them yourself, at home.  And I will be glad to teach you, because I believe that's the future in health care. This is why treatment and training are equally essential parts of my Practice.

So, here is my Workshop & Training programme for you : 

-  Ondamed workshops & trainings, focussing on how and when to use an Ondamed at home

-  Access workshops & trainings, especially Energetic Facelift and Access Bars.



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