The abuse hold session consist on two steps:

  * First Step:

You need to listen to The Original Clearing Issues of Abuse MP3 or CD 30 times to prepare your body for the abuse hold body process (if you received physical abuse, mental abuse and sexual abuse you may requiere to listen to the MP3 or CD at least 60 times). Please know that you may require to have a bars session every 2-3 days while you are listening to the MP3 or CD to have more ease during this process (if you listen every day, multiple times).

To purchase the abuse MP3 Digital Download, CD or USB  Stick click on the following link:


* Second Step:

After listening to The Original Clearing The Issues Of Abuse CD or MP3 you can schedule a session to receive the abuse hold body process session. During the session you will lay down on a massage table or bed, totally dressed, to receive the abuse hold body process.

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