Get involved in your own health care with an Ondamed at Home. 

Ondamed’s unique PEMF technology is addressing the self healing capabilities of the body. As these are virtually unlimited, a wide range of health problems can be addressed with one and the same Ondamed. This doesn’t make an Ondamed a miracle machine. The real miracle is the body, not the machine. The beauty of an Ondamed is that you can easily learn how to use it yourself, at home.

This makes an Ondamed at Home a powerfull instument in the hands of those who want to be more involved in their own (and their family's) health care.


Focus on area's that are important and relevant for you.

First of all, an Ondamed at Home will allow you to continue any specific treatment prescribed, even on a daily basis, in the privacy of your own home, without burdening yourself with the stress and loss of time of frequent travel. In these cases (often a treatment for a chronic disease) a training will focus specifically on what is needed to empower you to treat yourself at home. These trainings are always tailor made.  But you can use an Ondamed at Home also to support your own and all your family member’s health in many other ways and for these purposes more general workshops are available. Just a few examples:

  1. Ondamed has powerfull programs to boost the body’s own immune system. As there is hardly any better preventative health measure than empowering your own immune system, the .
  2. Ondamed is not only super for Osteoporose, but for all bone, muscle and tissue problems. World champions in sports use Ondamed to recuperate quickly from injuries.  So can you when you have injured yourself.
  3. Stress is a hidden cause of many health problems. But medications are often worse than the problem. Ondamed provides much better solutions, without any side effects. Same is true for for instance migraines, depression  or sleep problems.
  4. Women are very positive about Ondamed’s  hormonal balancing programs. Again, without any side effects.
  5. Pain clinics all over the world work with Ondamed with excellent results. So can you at home, and benefit from reduced pain and reduced use of pain killers and their side effects.
  6. Stomach and intestine problems, from gastritis to diarea, can be effectively addressed with an Ondamed. As 80% of all teeth problems are related to stomach/intestine problems, it also greatly helps in this area.


To make optimal use of an Ondamed at Home some additional training is needed, as the initial training (at delivery) is merely focusing on making you familiar with the device and teaching you the basics. When you want more, we can make additional training available by way of private workshops at your home, specified to your needs and wishes.  This also allows to include family members, support staff or even friends in the training.  We will be happy to help you further.


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