You are invited to attend a live, "Access Bars" class

In this full-day class you will learn Access Bars, the foundational course of Access Consciousness.

Each class includes:

  • Coaching by a Licensed Access Bars Facilitator
  • Viewing "Access The Bars" DVD* where founder, Gary Douglas personally demonstrates the technique
  • Receiving two full Bars sessions
  • Running two full Bars sessions

In addition, you will be provided with a comprehensive manual, in-depth head charts and other information to assist you in running Access Bars as a practitioner for others.

What contribution can this class be to your body, your relationships, your money flows and your willingness to create all that you desire in life? The bars have been am amazing contribution to my life and I'm excited to introduce it to you.

The next Bars class is on 8 December 2019.

Please subscribe for a Bars class with me sending me an email on this website, or here

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